Should Africa Militarize? Yes.d

From: Berhane Habtemariam <>
Date: Fri, 1 May 2015 12:39:27 +0200

Should Africa Militarize? Yes.

Without Europe, Africa would be Rich. Without Africa, Europe would be Poor.

So why is Africa poor?

Because of guns. Europe has guns and bullies everyone here to steal, loot, and kill.

How Africa could become rich?

Guns. Africa should militarize. It’s overdue. Unfortunately.

You can not free yourself with bare hands and prayers, when the guys in front of you are armed and dangerous.

Africa militarization does not means going to buy guns, but first acknowledge that there is a war on Africa, and we are at war.

Some people live peacefully in Europe and America, and they are against war and military. What these ordinary people ignore is that the peace they enjoy might come from the fact that 70% of the world military budget is spent by the EU, and US.

The EU and the US are the most militarized places in the world. And big part of the wealth of these two regions come from looting, wars and aggression of poor nations.

Maybe these people want peace only in Europe and chaos everywhere, under the disguise of pacifism.

All political thinkers in the west and east put the military and war as the first and foremost priority of any prince or king.

Africans used to have “we are all brothers and sisters” approach of life. But that philosophy has brought us only misery, as we have very violent neighbors from the north, which philosophy is “kill and steal, if it’s not your family”.

Without a deep militarization of our people, our institutions, our agenda, our misery will continue.

Like I wrote in a previous post, our oppressors have no moral, no shame, and they are not ignorant.

Only naive activists expect change by calling to the moral sense of their oppressors.

Only fools think that their oppressors would change if they would be exposed.

Only idiots think that they could educate their oppressors into changing.

Unfortunately, we have no choice but to follow the rules defined by the lowest ethical denominator in global affairs.

We need to be able to defend ourselves. And that goal should be the first and foremost priority of our leaders.

Any leader no doing that is a puppet of the last recruit.

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