(Allhiphop) Eritrean-American Hip Hop artist, Mitchelle’l Sium, releases a new single

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April 24, 2015
by Rea Melissa Davis _at_Reyonce_

>From the depths of Atlanta’s urban music scene, the striking voice of Grand
Hustle’s Mitchelle’l fuses grittiness with sensuality. His music
incorporates elements of southern soul reminiscent of the greats of the
past with a fiercely contemporary edge. Mitchelle’l Sium was born and
raised in Houston, TX, the product of a combination of cultures. His father
is from Eritrea, a nation on the Eastern coast of Africa, and his mother is
of Creole descent. His diverse roots, combined with his upbringing in the
South and his family’s active involvement in the local community, helped
create a multi-faceted nature that shines through in his music.

Mitchelle’l grew up listening to and was deeply inspired by the kings of
soul music, including Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Otis Redding. He later
gravitated towards more contemporary R&B offerings from R. Kelly, Jodeci
and D’Angelo. As he began to create music, he incorporated the elements
that had inspired him from a musical sense along with the things he
experienced in the world around him.He captured the attention of Hannah
Kang, General Manager for Grand Hustle Entertainment, and emerged as a
force to be reckoned with in the Atlanta music scene. Mitchelle’l has
collaborated with Hip-Hop heavyweights T.I. on T.I.’s, “Collect Call”,
Scarface on “How Life Changed”, and Jeezy on “Higher Learning.” Other
musical collaborations include songs with B.o.B.,Yo Gotti, 8Ball & MJG,
Pill and Nelly.

Mitchelle’l has now resurfaced with his latest single entitled, “Spillin
Drank”, produced by Lil C. A remix will soon follow featuring two of the
south’s most prominent rappers. Take a listen below!

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