Anti-ISIS Protest Turns Violent in Ethiopia (VIDEO) Gov. Blaming Ethiopian opposition hijacking march.

From: Ibrahim Idris Suliman <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 07:31:17 -0600

The government blamed the opposition for hijacking the march and fired tear

By *Agencies*,

*CLASHES* broke out at a government-organised demonstration in Addis Ababa
against the beheading and shooting of 30 Ethiopian Christian asylum seekers
by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Libya.

The demonstrators hurled stones and scuffled with police during a rally by
thousands in the capital today 22 April, after a video showed dozens of
compatriots being shot and beheaded by masked jihadists.

One protester who said he was a university professor said many in the crowd
were angry that jobless Ethiopians still felt they had to travel to places
like Libya in the hope of crossing over to a better life in Europe.

He also accused the authorities of clamping down on free speech. “Even the
chanting [at the rally] was led by the government,” he said. “We do not
have the power to speak.”

Ethiopia’s government dismisses accusations from rights groups that it
stifles critics and opponents.


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