Public Seminar for all Eritreans in AUSTIN, Texas

From: beraky Woldegebriel <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2015 12:46:16 +0000 (UTC)

On April 19th, 2015, a Public Seminar was held for all Eritreans in Austin & Environs. Everyone, who is of Eritrean origin was notified/invited to attend. This Seminar was led by Mr. Okubamichael Berhe, and the main focus was centered in:1. Eritrea's Guiding Principles and Shared Vision, Now and for the Near future:2. The Formation and Purpose of the Eritrean National Council of Eritrean Americans:3. The Processes and Requirements of Obtaining the New Eritrean ID.This was the 1st Public Seminar in Austin, TX, which was led by a guest speaker , noted above, for the Eritrean Community in Austin & Environs. It was a successful one, all questions answered & clarified to the satisfaction of the attendees. Additionally Community members have discussed ( for the 3rd time ) the financial assistance request from the Eritrean Community Cultural & Civic Center (ECCCC) of Oakland, CA., and have contributed a total of $ 1680.00 towards the ECCCC, which is already deposited in to the Civic Center's Account. On behalf of the Eritrean Community in Austin & Environs, I, Beraky, A. Woldegebriel, ( community's chair ), would like to say thanks again to our comrade, Okubamichael Berhe, for all his selflessness and efforts.
                                         Beraky, A.Woldegebriel.
Dehai Staff, Please this is the corrected email, which we would like you to post it for our Community. Thanks. 
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