Public Seminar in Austin. TX.

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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 10:15:18 -0700 (PDT)

    On April 19th,2015, a Public Seminar was held for all Eritreans in Austin & Environs. Everyone, who was of Eritrean Origin was invited to attend. This Seminar was led by Mr.Okubamichsel Berhe, and was centered in:1. Eritrea's guiding Principles and shared Vision on it's future.2. The Formation & Purpose of the Eritrean National Council of Eritrean Americans.3. The Processes & Prerequisites of Obtaining the New Eritrean ID.This was the 1st Public Seminar which was led by a guest speaker, noted above, for the Eritrean Community in Austin & Environs. It was a Successful one, all questions answered & clarified to the satisfaction of the attendees. Additionally Community members have discussed the financial assistance request from the Eritrean Community Cultural & Civic Center of Oakland CA. and have contributed a total of $1830.00 towards the ECCCC. On behalf of the Eritrean Community in Austin & Environs, I, Beraky A. Woldegebriel would like to say thanks again to our Comrade, Okubamichsel Berhe.           Beraky. A. Woldegebriel. Community Chairman.
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