Ethiopia: Federal Police Members and Air Force Instructors Detained

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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 13:16:18 +0200
Ethiopia: Federal Police Members and Air Force Instructors Detained

By Esat New

20 April 2015.

FOLLOWING the impromptu search order given by Ethiopian government’s security officials, a search on the cell phones and emails of many serving Federal Police officers and Air Force instructors were conducted in the past few weeks.

Those found with picture of opposition leaders such as Andargachew Tsige or any patriotic songs downloaded from the internet have been taken to Meakelawi (Central) Prison and another prison located in Jan Meda, Addis Abeba.

A total of 120 Federal Police officers have so far been arrested, 37 of whom are now in the Central Prison, around 80 are being held pending further investigation on some “suspicious issues”. 


Inspector Sintayehu, Sergeant Abebe and Deputy Sergeant Berhanu, officials of the Anti-Terrorism Task Force in Armachiho, North Gonder, have been detained and transferred to the Central Prison in Addis Abeba.

The songs of Teddy Afro, Berhanu Tezera and Fasil Demoz, all downloaded to their mobile phones have been found in the search. The songs have patriotic and nationalistic messages.

Similarly, two yet unnamed Air Force instructors have been arrested in Dire Dawa and are now moved to the Central Prison, Addis Abeba.

Seifu Mezene, the brother of flight instructor Major Aklilu Mezene, who defected to join Ginbot 7 Movement two years ago, has also been arrested in the same prison.

The reason for the sudden searches has not yet been known but there are reports that the searches, evaluations and arrests are likely to continue.

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