Eritrean man dies after nightclub beating in Germany

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Eritrean man dies after nightclub beating in Germany

A 24-year-old Eritrean man has died from his injuries on Wednesday, after being beaten inside a nightclub in Verden, Germany.
The Eritrean and his friend had a verbal dispute with a group of five Germans, which ended with an assault and fight. The 24-year-old had the brawl with a group of frequent guests at the club De la Sol in Verden, according to club manager Mike Paech.

The two groups had to be separated and were thrown out of the nightclub by security. According to one of the bouncers, the Eritrean did not have any visible serious injuries or bleeding at the time.

A similar statement was made on the club’s Facebook page.

“He did not have any serious injuries and left in a car together with his his social worker”, the statement read.

The Eritrean man spent the night at his home and was flown by emergency helicopter to a hospital in Bremen after not waking up the next morning.

Police is investigating the incident while the cause of death remains unknown.

The suspects have been questioned by police and sent home without bail until forensic evidence is evaluated and initial investigations finalized.

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