Eritreans in the US launch Orotta Medical School Fundraiser

From: Berhane Habtemariam <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 23:47:51 +0200

Eritreans in the US launch Orotta Medical School Fundraiser

In 2013, Eritrean-Americans across the U.S. in Seattle, Washington D.C., Dallas and Houston raised over $36,000 to support the Orotta Medical School in Eritrea.

Owing to their efforts the school in Eritrea was able to acquire items like photocopier, copier inks, laptops and LCD power projectors for the students.

Following the successful first fundraiser the young Eritreans want to achieve even a bigger target this year. “Let’s do it bigger this time. Join the movement! Together, we can make a difference”, organizers called on Eritreans worldwide.

The fundraising group said that it is not interested in politics and only wants to help students in Eritrea to reach their fullest potential.

“Our goal is simple: To galvanize Eritreans all over the world for a worthy cause. Our students at colleges across Eritrea have requested our assistance in obtaining much needed educational technology equipment such as laptops, e-readers, overhead projectors and printers.”

All proceeds gained from Project Orotta’s fundraising events will be used to purchase equipment in the U.S. and shipped to Eritrea.

Please join Project Orotta if you can and help to support Eritreans students via the group’s fundraising page Project Orotta Fundraiser.

Help us spread the word.

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