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FLC professor goes on British radio
Woldemariam originally from Eritrea
Herald Staff Report

Fort Lewis College political science professor Yohannes Woldemariam, a native of the east African country of Eritrea, was interviewed for a radio show on BBC 5 Live.
The interview aired on BBC 5 Live on Thursday but now can be heard online. Woldemariam comments for a story focused on the difficulties that refugees from war-ravaged African countries face and the recent capsizing of a ship containing an estimated 550 refugees in the Mediterranean Sea off Italy.

To listen, visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05qdx7n.

Mitch Davis, FLC spokesman, said the interview was conducted Wednesday.

Woldemariam is with the International Refugee Rights Initiative, which provides resources and information for refugees to find legal-aid advisers and advocates.

>From the initiative’s Rights in Exile Programme website:

“Dr. Yohannes Woldemariam is an American citizen, born in Eritrea, raised in Ethiopia before Eritrea’s independence. He lived in Sudan as a refugee before resettling in the U.S. He has followed events, gaining expert knowledge of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan. He speaks Tigrinya, Amharic and can speak Arabic. He has been translating and providing expert opinions and information involving Eritrean and Ethiopians in U.S. courts. He is not a member of any political organization in the Horn of Africa.
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