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EU and Italy, ready aid to Eritrea. Protests of exiles

European Union and Italy have agreed to transfer funds so that Eritrea Asmara cooperate to stop the migration. This initiative, however, there are many concerns advanced by Eritrean refugees, academics, members of the diaspora.

But first things first. In 2014, 37 thousand Eritrean migrants have arrived in Europe. Fleeing a despotic regime that prohibits the activity of opposition political parties, closed independent media, limits the action of civil society organizations and religious groups not allowed. According to Amnesty International, the freedom of expression and association is severely restricted, military conscription is compulsory and often indefinitely. Thousands of prisoners of conscience and political prisoners, according to Amnesty, have continued to be held in arbitrary detention and in difficult conditions. Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment are common in the country.

Faced with this situation, the European Union is about to sign with Asmara 11th agreement of cooperation within the European Fund for Development. This would imply an aid package of € 312 million, three times the amount allocated in 2007. Italy would do its part by initiating normal diplomatic relations and contributing with an aid of 2.5 million euro.

Confidence against Eritrea would be justified by a breezy opening of the regime in Asmara. In recent months, the Eritrean leaders have recognized the existence of a "problem of emigration" (previously only spoke of desertions) and agreed to approve a regulation that establishes in 18 months, the duration of military service.

"There is no evidence that Eritrea has implemented reforms in his regime for human rights, including the military," reported in late March a group of persons of the diaspora and academics. For this reason, they asked the EU governments to respect the principle of non-refoulement and to proceed with requests for asylum. But, above all, have asked to suspend aid until such time as Eritrea does not guarantee access to the country of a UN Commission of Inquiry to investigate allegations of human rights violations.

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