Seattle Twitted for the Unconditional Implementation of the EEBC Final & Binding Verdict!

From: Berhane Alazar <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 02:12:20 +0000

Seattle calls for the unconditional implementation of the EEBC final & binding verdict; and the lifting of the unjust sanctions now!
Many Eritreans and friends of Eritrea from Seattle and environs were seeing streaming in and out at the Seattle Association Community Center today to express their solidarity with Eritreans at home and those that reside all over the world, who were calling on the UN, EU, AU and the US to shoulder their international responsibility by stopping the blind eye they have been giving to the illegal and irresponsible behaviors of the Ethiopian government vis--vis the rule of the jungle that Ethiopia has been behaving, which will not lead to any normalization of relations between the two countries! They did this by twitting to various organizations including the UN, EU and the US to remind them of their failed responsibility that today, the 13th of April, ironically, which coincided with the 13th anniversary since the EEBC had given its "final and binding" decision on the official demarcation of the Eritrea and Ethiopia border lines!
They specifically called on the Algiers Peace Treaty of December 2000 witnesses and guarantors to effect an immediate & unconditional implementation of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Border Commission ruling and an end to Ethiopia's occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories. They also called on President Obama to lift the illegal and unjust sanctions his Administration helped impose on Eritrea immediately.
It is to be recalled that 13 years ago today, April 13, 2002, the EEBC gave its landmark decision to which both Eritrea and Ethiopia had agreed beforehand to abide by its ruling. Even though Eritrea had justifiable reservations about the outcome of the five-member judges' verdict, she nonetheless accepted it, without any qualifications, as agreed upon. Ethiopia, however, true to its historical colors, while at first she was quick in jumping to accept the verdict with a lot of fanfare and hallow altruism, it rejected as something "Unfair and irresponsible" just as quickly once it realized it had lost Badme the 'casus belli' of the war!
The world knows that Ethiopia is trouncing upon many international laws and the very rulings to which it willfully signed to abide by, not because that it is powerful, but because of the support it has been getting unfairly by certain members of the Security Council! This support must end and end now if peace and justice is to prevail. Ethiopia must not be rewarded for being a poor sport and a spoiler at that, while Eritrea gets the short end of the stick for playing it by the rules.

Berhane Alazar, for Eritrean community of Seattle metropolitan area
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