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Immigrants: saved 1,000 people in the Sicilian Channel, one dead

Among the 1,000 immigrants rescued in the Channel of Sicily, even a corpse

April 11, 2015 18:58 | Ilaria CalabrĂ²

" They are almost a thousand migrants rescued yesterday by the Coast Guard in three different rescue operations .

" And 'what we read in a note from the Coast Guard. " Reports have come in the early afternoon yesterday at the Central National Relief Coast Guard via satellite phone.

The units 'with migrants in trouble' were all in a stretch of sea about 30 miles off the Libyan coast. In the area were diverted and sent various merchant ship Fiorillo CP 904 and a patrol boat class 300, both of the Coast Guard.

Even the US Navy has participated in the rescue operations, reaching one of the barges with the Orion patrol, engaged in fishing surveillance, and taking on board 222 migrants, including a corpse, then transhipped on 2 units' of the Coast Guard.

Other 235 migrants were picked up by the merchant Cape Bon, with the assistance of Ship Fiorillo. The unit 'is heading towards the port of Augusta. The last boat and 'was rescued by two merchant, the City of Hamburg and the Maersk Regensburg, who have taken on board, respectively, 93 and 429 migrants and now head towards Porto Empedocle ".

A deal of hospitality operators of Mercy of Italy: " The port of Lampedusa are 221 people rescued in the early hours of the morning, off the Island, among these, unfortunately, a man in his fifties, found dead by men of the Coast Guard , who carried out the transshipment of migrants from the barge.

At the time the man is in the mortuary of the cemetery of Lampedusa ". "Two pregnant women and several children - continues the notation about fifty migrants suffering from scabies which are now subjected to medical treatment.

These new arrivals, mainly from Syria and Eritrea, in addition to the 285 appearances of the landing took place on Easter Sunday. Of those migrants, only 41 (including 8 unaccompanied minors) had been transferred Tuesday 'last in Agrigento.

At the moment all the guests were accompanied at the CPSA of Lampedusa, where they will receive appropriate care, by operators of Mercy, who relentlessly follow the whole process of reception, guided by the principles of action of the movement, who look first and foremost attention to the person and his needs.

This morning, however, in Puglia, have landed in 70 to Leuca. The migrants, from Syria, Somalia, Pakistan and North Africa, were hosted in the reception center "Don Tonino Bello" of Mercy
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