On Sudan US, Norway and UK Doubt Credible Elections, Bashir with DPKO

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On Sudan US, Norway and UK Doubt Credible Elections, Bashir with DPKO

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, April 8, 2015 more here -- With Sudan's National Congress Party under Omar al Bashir turning up its nose at the supposed National Dialogue, while thumbing its nose at the UN (assisted by UN Peacekeeping's Herve Ladsous in covering up rapes in Tabit in Darfur), today April 8 the UK, UK and Norway says:

"The members of the Troika (Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States) express great disappointment that a genuine National Dialogue has not begun in Sudan and that an environment conducive to participatory and credible elections does not exist. As we have stated previously, we believe a comprehensive and inclusive National Dialogue is a necessary process for Sudan to develop a truly representative political system. Only through dialogue can the people of Sudan confront fundamental issues of governance, political inclusiveness, resource sharing, national identity, and social equality.

"The Government of Sudan signaled in January 2014 its intent to initiate a National Dialogue, but has since failed to advance a genuine process in good faith. Last week, it rejected the African Union’s invitation to a preparatory meeting with other National Dialogue stakeholders to solidify a common understanding of the dialogue process.

"We continue to support those Sudanese who wish to advance a process of dialogue toward an end to conflict, meaningful governance reform, inclusive participatory politics, and long-term stability in Sudan."

 Earlier on April 8, Inner City Press asked UN Spokeman Stephane Dujarric for the UN's response to Bashir's speech in El Fasher mocking UNAMID, and what newly leaked documents depict as UN collusion. Dujarric declined comment on both. Nor could he report any action on getting back to Tabit, where Ladsous' DPKO covered up mass rape on November 9, as in Minova in the DRC previously.

   Amid charges that the UN in Sudan, including Herve Ladsous' UN Peacekeeping in Darfur, has colluded with the authorities in Khartoum to cover up rapes and killing, the UN in December said it would fight to keep its Resident Coordinator Ali Al Za'tari in the country.

  That was the UN's response to Za'tari being ordered to leave Sudan by January 2, Inner City Press first reported. Inner City Press similarly exclusively reported, and asked the UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric about, Sudan's ouster of UNDP Country Director Yvonne Heller on December 24.

  But did the UN follow through on its vow to push-back? No, the UN remained quiet when it ended up replacing Za'atari, as Inner City Press noticed and asked about on March 31, video here.
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