On Memory of Tesfamariam Woldemariam

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Tesfamariam was a very skilled poet among Eritrean poets including the
late friend, Tekleyohannes from Atlanta,Georgia. The Following piece is
dedicated for his contribution in literary world of Eritrea. May he rest in
peace. My condolence to his immediate family members.
Poets And Poetessess Are.......
Poets are social rebels
For they are fearless
To speak their minds
On behalf of their kind.
Poets are like an innocent child
Who speaks what comes
To his mind
If not...
They write what they feel
Not what they think
As stoic people.
Poets are visionary
For they can see
What others cannot see.
Poets have four eyes
In the world of superficiality
And utter lies.
Poets are mirrors
Who reflect
The very intents
Of those who control.
Poets are the souls
Who keep alive
The spirit of folks.
Poets are saints
Who are not attracted
By worldly things.
Poets are in depressive mood
For they are.......
Sometimes misunderstood.
Poets are compassionate
As they are tempered
By tragic fates.
Of course, poets love words
In their melodic tunes
And use them as tools
In composing a poem
Full of pathos and beauty
Life that a bouquet of flowers
Of the Spring.
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