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From: A. Makonnen <>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2015 16:28:35 -0700

Well, I beg to differ on your assertion “Amahara culture & its impact on modernity & social chage.

I am very surprised and of course dismayed too, when you write "Professor Levine was and still is well-known for his book: Wax and Gold describing intimately, sensitively and sympathetically the traditional Amhara culture and its impact on modernity and social change"

What is wrong with you Haile, to have the temerity to boldly declare that the Amhara culture and its impact on modernity and social change. I do not want to go in detail to show you how your assertion that the Amahar culture made an impact on modernity is completely false and totally unacceptable let alone by Eritreans, but by all Ethiopian's ethnic except Amharas. Honestly speaking, it is this very culture that has gripped the nation Ethiopia for a so called 3000 years without making any kind of move, be it socially, economically, politically and what have you. I know also that this amhara culture is behind all the divisions & chaos among different ethics of the nation.


The amharas are the people who claim to have ethnic supremacy over other ethnic and often the way they treat other ethnic is absolutely inhuman, condescending & humiliating in every sense of words. Due to their self promotion and self-aggrandizement they openly despise others that they even have coined proverbs that has been enshrined in their culture to simply denigrate, vilify & insult all other ethnic. Here are some of them, and most of them are not meant to build but obviously to break any one’s dream, hope, aspiration or what have you.

For Oromo - ጋላና ሠገራ እያደረ ይሸታል

Selfishness- ሲሾም ያልበላ ሲሻር ይቆጨዋል

አማራ ያዋጋል እንጂ አይዋጋም

ዝም በል የአንተ ክርክር የስላም ክርክር ነው፤

እግዚአብሄር ዘፈን ሲያምረው ትግሬን ያጠግባል

It is better we have the courage to be able to say spade spade, this way we could also help our brother amahara to make correction if they choice so.



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