(GDS) 1,500 migrants rescued, landings in Calabria and Lampedusa

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Here comes a new wave of migrants
Saved in 1500 in the Sicilian Channel

April 6, 2015

PALERMO. New wave of migrants to Italy, which has engaged in rescue the Coast Guard and the Navy: there are about 1500 those parties from the Libyan coast on boats crumbling, from which games are distress calls. Dattilo ship, the Coast Guard, which had already provided relief to a large group of migrants, it has taken on board the other 257 in Libyan waters and headed toward Augusta with 716 migrants on board. Ship Fiorillo, the same Coast Guard, has reached a boat carrying about 350 migrants on board and then reached Lampedusa. Finally, Ship Bettica, Navy, recovered about 450 migrants were crammed on a boat and transferred them to Porto Empedocle.

Landing of migrants also in Pozzallo in Ragusa, where they arrived 318 immigrants. On board the ship military Icelandic Landhelgisgaeslan there were 13 women and 14 minors. Five women were pregnant were transferred to hospital. Reported two cases of scabies.

Meanwhile, about 150 migrants of various nationalities have landed yesterday on the beach of Caulonia, in Calabria, on board a boat that ran aground a few meters from the beach. The landing was discovered by police who, previously, had identified an initial group of 21 people, all Libyan nationals, who proceeded to walk beside the highway of the state road 106. Tripped alarm has been traced the boat with over a hundred other people on board including at least 40 women and children, some even at an early age.

The migrants, mostly Somalis, Eritreans and Nigeria, were immediately rescued by the intervention of Police, Coast Guard, 118, financial police and voluntary associations of civil protection of the place and, subsequently, have been conducted in the Covered Market of Caulonia. Health conditions are judged good. The migrants said they left from Libya seven days ago and had paid two thousand euro, excluding children, for the crossing. They were then carried out some checks to try to identify other migrants who may have moved away from the beach.

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