Professor Donald Levine Passed Away

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Professor Levine whom affectionately called by many Ethiopians Gash Liben
passed away. He was 83. Professor Levine was and still is well-known for
his book: Wax and Gold describing intimately, sensitively and
sympathetically the traditional Amhara culture and its impact on modernity and social
change. Unlike other superficial scholars, he was very confrontational and
convincing on behalf of honest intellectual discourse and humanity that we
all cherish as seekers of truth and social harmony in this troubled and
hostile world.
 I am very grateful to Professor Levine not only for his sociological
studies that influenced me during my tender years, but also for inspiring me to
come to the US as a Fulbright student. A couple of years ago, I was
teaching him a simple Tigirgna, and even so, he knew some. May he rest in peace.
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