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 Eye Witness part one.wmv
​​​Greetings to all Eritreans at home and diaspora

Got back a couple weeks ago from our beautiful country kbrti Ere and I was
impressed plus amazed by kindness of the whole population where ever I
went. Kbur meret and kbur hzbi.
I want to say thank you to the Eritrean Government for the way they govern
the nation.
Please allow me to thank my immediate and extended family for royal
treatment I received from them.
Please allow me to pass my gratitude and respect to strangers everywhere I
met who went out of their way to show me places and stayed with me.
I want to pass my admiration and respect to staff and officials from public
to private sectors for the help, well respected and brotherly Eritrean
style treatment I received.
At last,I want to apologize for my poor Tigrigna for the confusion I put
everybody through and some times it was funny specially with young kids
that they thought I was speaking different language such as Greek or
Polish probably.

Eritrea is a living museum, the whole landscape is breathtaking, the sky is
full of stars and the air is fresh. What a peace full country to see in
black and white. A lot of love and respect every where. God will be very
happy if he come back to visit over there and probably will be pleased
pretty much.
In Eritrean psyce and mentality plus person to person or people to people
relation in any occasion is superb.
The cites and rural towns development is balanced and I want to give this
credit to Eritrean Government for the best job they did in this difficult
time, this is unusual in Africa. Sometimes I was not sure if I was in
Africa or West.
If it was not for this unlawful and unjustified cruel sanction, Where would
be Eritrea today...
To all Eritreans where ever we are, we have to unite and raise the roof and
do every thing in our power to be lifted this sanction and our people have
to have the highest standard of living what ever our country could afford
to provide to its people. Eritrean people deserve better.

But let us not forget the national security and territorial issues come
first and then democracy plus and economy. Let us not put the horse the
Our nation is in good hands. Who ever is or are behind this brutal sanction
they did not accomplish what the out come is . They went for strangulation
and there plan was to destroy the nation but no avail thanks for our dear
leaders. Keep up the Good Job and all of us behind you where ever we live.

For Eritrean People and its Government, please allow me to say some thing
to all..

                                                      KBRETN MOGESN for you
and thank you
bless you!!!

I have some pictures and videos that I recorded for myself and if dehai or
other Eritrean websites are interested, I am willing to post it soon and I
named it Eye Witness because that that is what I saw through my personal
different camera lenses by my own eyes.
Here we go my introduction slide Show and I apologize ahead for quality
because I am not a professional Camera man or computer( IT) rather I am
self taught.
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