HIDRI-Dallas: 4th Annual History Of Our Times Retreat MUST WATCH

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*“Our Knowledge is our Weapon Without it we are nothing”*

Every Year HIDRI-Dallas hosts a retreat to unite the youth in Dallas
through the bond that ties all of us together - our history, the past,
present & future. One of the things this year’s “History of Our Times”
retreat focused on was teaching HIDRI members the importance of Bisaynet
(camaraderie), Tewfiynet (Sacrifice) and Tseawrnet (tolerance), the three
essential values that are necessary in ensuring we are building a strong
conscious patriotic youth that can play leadership roles in their

HIDRI Games which is an activity held at the retreat is designed to teach
HIDRI Members the importance of Unity, Communication and Team Work. “Unity
is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, there is no
telling what can be achieved”

*HIDRI-Dallas: 4th Annual History Of Our Times Retreat

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"Building strong, patriotic and conscious youth"
Wetru Awet NHafash !!!
Zelealemawi ZeKri meinti helawiena beja zeHalefu !!!
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