Eritreans in Canada who whine over 2% tax: renounce your citizenship

From: Berhane Habtemariam <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2014 13:33:45 +0200

Eritreans in Canada who whine over 2% tax: renounce your citizenship!

A Canadian citizen, who is fed up with the few politically motivated
Eritreans who have been making the 2% development and recovery tax a key
issue in Canada, reminded them that each time they complain about this
issue, they are lying about their asylum claims, and exposes their hypocrisy
in wanting to receive free services from the same government they claimed
was abusing them.

Jun 24, 2014 | 3:43 AM

By Ben,

Renounce your Eritrean Citizenship, Forget Eritrea, you have chosen to no
longer be an Eritrean. It is simple. Except you want something from Eritrea,
ie a College transcript, a marriage license, property transfer, and when you
are told to pay for this service since you chose to seek asylum, it means
you do have to pay.

Think logically, you just said the Government of Eritrea is abusing me and I
want to seek asylum, then by all reason, why would you seek anything from
the Government of Eritrea?

1. You are lying about your asylum.

2. You are lying about your asylum and thought you could get something for
free from the government you accused of abusing you.

Life is not fair, and if you think you can get a free pass after throwing
your former government under the bus for the sake of being a dishwasher or a
cab driver in Canada, think again!

By seeking asylum, in all essence, you have committed treason, whether you
think so or not, you betrayed the country you came from. So don't cry foul
when you are expected to pay for your betrayal of Eritrea. Any country in
the world does this.

Edward Snowden sought asylum in Russia because he disagreed and feared for
his life from the US Government. Has Edward asked for his college
transcripts or anything else from the US government? No he hasn't! He has
released his ties to the US.

So if you are truly an asylum seeker from Eritrea, then let go of your ties.

In addition, why would someone put their wife, parents, children in harms
way over a 2% income tax when it's such a low amount of their income? The US
has income taxes in the 25% to 35% range..while you are crying about 2% that
you only have to pay if you want something from Eritrea. In the US, you have
to pay regardless.


Saturday May 24, 2014 - The Eritrean Community of Toronto held a flag
raising ceremony to celebrate Eritrean Independence Day. The flag raising
was followed by guyla music to which hundreds of participants danced and
sang along. (Credit: Samuel Igbu)

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