[dehai-news] With Hundreds Participant at The Farewell Dinner Night Concluded Successfully on Sunday, June, 2nd 2013

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Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 01:01:24 -0400

Eritrean Community members hundreds of them came out tonight to the farewell dinner night For our Consul General Mr. Semere Gebremariam. Several of the community members described Ato Semere as a soft spoken, polite and courteous Consul we ever had and the community is grateful for his impeccable service he has provided and wish him a farewell. This unjust action taking by the government of Canada and the Mahaber Andenet aren't going to hold us back except to make us stronger.

Eritrean community members in greater Toronto lauded the work Mr. Semere has done for the Eritrean community in Canada and are ready to take off where is he is leaving off. hence, the Eritrean/Canadian are willing to take action toward this hostilities the government of Canada has taking on Eritrean/Canadian until justice is been served. During the farewell several patriotic speech has been made as well pledge to seal the lube hole against the hostilities that has been declare against the Eritrean Canadian. We are united nothing you do is going to break our unity said one of the Eritrean mother during her speech. Further reiterate by the several participant lauded the development accomplishments being registered in the homeland and expressed readiness to enhance participation in all aspect and are ready fulfil whatever their nation ask of us.

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Links to the live stream Video: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/33738559

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