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RE: [DEHAI] As Eritrea Turns 21

From: Haile Abraham <haileab99_at_msn.com_at_dehai.org>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 12:26:20 -0400

Hello Berket,
As you have stated it, All Eritrean across the globe are gearing-up to celebrate our Motherland's 21st birthday. In many societies, the 21st birthday is a significant milestone in one's life as a member of a society, it may means a pleasant welcome to Adulthood and perhaps a gesture of no more dependency on parents shoulder. But in Eritrea's case, the 21st birthday celebration is just a gesture and not necessarily the same as one person's 21st birthday celebration. After all Eritrea has been welcomed to Adulthood when our heroes walked on Godena Harnet in May 1991 and aw we know, Eritrea for sure hasn't been depended on ANYONE's shoulder. But this 21st birthday still remains a significant milestone in Eritrea's existence as it continues to defy the laws of conspiracy against it in all of its forms and tactics. From the repeated attempt by Susan Rice to deny us from developing our mining industry to the recent Woyanes attempt to drag us to another meaningless border skirmish, and finally to the desperate sell-outs, who call themselves "Eritrean Opposition," foolish and childish propaganda atempt about our leader's health conditions, Eritrea once again prevailed as a WINNER on her 21st birthday ("At kindey gizie in'mo kinsi'Erom" as Birgae put it in one of his songs)
So a very happy birthday wish for our Mama Eritrea is in order and that is why so many of us are gearing up to celebrate this occasion with an utmost enthusiasm in many corners of the globe. In the Washington, DC area where I live, there is a huge 4-day celebration plan on the tab and thousands of Eritreans in the DC area as well as from the nearby Eastern region are already making plans to join this huge festivity. It will start off with Thursday, May 24th the day of Indpendence. There will be a special traditional coffe and Himbasha ceremony by the Eritrean Women's association at the community center so everyone is invited to participate.
On Friday, May 26th there will be a demonstration but actually I call it celebration. It is a march to the Capitol Hill and White House to demonstrate Eritrean communities togetherness and steadfastness in support of Eritrean unity. I know many are planning to take Friday off from work so they can participate in this historic event. On Saturday there will be the usual Eritrean Family picnic at Fort Hunt Rd in Alexandria, VA near Mt. Vernon. This event will gather all Eritrean families and their kids in a picnic setting and it is not to be missed. On Sunday, the venue to close out this festivity is the Convention Center, and guyla lovers will be treated to some electrifying musical event and special youth programs. So plan ahead and enjoy the 21sth Eritrea's birthday celebration....
Happy 21st Mama Ertra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haile A.

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From: Bereket Kidane <welela83_at_yahoo.com_at_dehai.org>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 22:37:01 -0700 (PDT)

As Eritrea prepares to celebrate its 21st birthday, Eritreans around the world will reflect on how far it has come in such a short time.� Eritrea continues to fill us all with awe and admiration.� Despite the biased and false narrative that Eritrea is commonly portrayed with by the global media and internet, the daily reality of Eritreans living in Eritrea (they do live in a world of reality) is that of harmony, hard work and achievement. And the achievements have been impressive!� They are coming fast and furious in all sectors of society.

As we gather to celebrate Eritrea's birthday in our respective cities around the world over the next few days, we need to continue to keep in mind the promise we made to our fallen heroes. Thanks to them, Eritrea was born.� Thanks to them, Eritrea will develop and prosper.� Eritrea's strength has always been its people.
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