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[Dehai-WN] Mareeg.com: The Arab Salaaf: AlQaeda's Racist Worldview

From: Berhane Habtemariam <Berhane.Habtemariam_at_gmx.de_at_dehai.org>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 17:37:09 +0200

The Arab Salaaf: AlQaeda's Racist Worldview


03/05/2012 By

Dr. M. Omar Hashi



To understand the worldview of the ideological and racially-motivated
terrorist movement of AlQaeda, it is important to listen to the voices of
its core adherents. While visiting a London mosque in 2005 I encountered a
group of Arabs known as Salaaf (the Inheritors) who for all intents and
purposes form the activist core of the AlQaeda terrorist organization
destroying Somalia, Afghanistan, and the Muslim world. The Salaaf who
originated in Arab religious nationalism in the late 19th century believe
that they have a divinely sanctioned mission to revive the "true Caliphate"
(not the Ottoman Turkish state which the Salaaf despised and fought in the
1920s alongside the British). After the establishment of this glorious Arab
Caliphate, the Salaaf intend to annihilate all non-Arab cultures and
languages in the Middle East and North Africa, including the extermination
of Israel and Jews everywhere. As for Kurds, Turks, Berbers, Iranians,
Pakistanis, Somalis and Blacks they will be put in their rightful place as
foot soldiers and auxiliaries for a Holy War ( Jihaad) of conquest on the
Christian West. The Caliph will without question be an Arab. While the
Salaaf I met were not honest enough to be clear, they much rather preferred
vagueness through such euphemisms as "the Khalifa" ( Arab Dominion), "the
Brotherhood" ( subservience of non-Arab Muslims to Arab rule), the "the
glorious Arab language and culture" ( cultural genocide of others languages
and customs) their answers said it all.


Yet, what was really interesting that afternoon about this assortment of
breaded Egyptians, Palestinians, and Gulf Arabs milling around inside the
mosque was not just the righteous conviction that each held, but the vocal
statement that the Ummah ( Muslim countries and peoples) were in need of
thorough cleansing. The Salaaf said repeatedly the Ummah had to be cleansed
from all forms of Western education, ethnic nationalism, non-Islamic history
and cultural expressions. Other than Arab societies, everyone else was in
need of deep cleansing. Since the Salaaf believed these contradicting
points, it was obvious that there was a distinct fusing of Arab nationalism,
chauvinism and outright racism toward others.

 Engaging them in a discussion about diversity within the Ummah ( past and
present) was futile. They were not interested that non-Arabs had ruled in
the past; they were dismissive that many of the early Islamic scholars such
as Al-Bukhari and Ibn Battatuta were for Africa and Asia. Instead, it was
clear that the Salaafi Arabs deeply held that all non-Arabs, especially
blacks were not only essentially "lost" and "inferior" due to retaining
"backward" traditional cultures, languages, and customs- but were in
desperate need to be taught "the right way". Therefore, it was the
self-appointed duty of the Arab Salaaf "Inheritors" to make sure Somalis,
Nigerians, and all Africans ( but interestingly not Arabs) prayed correctly,
behaved properly and adopted true Arab culture. When speaking of Somalis in
particular, the Salaaf had only contempt for them. For them Somalis were not
only odd, but insolent for retaining distinct language and culture. In their
hatred of Somali, the Salaaf showed that there is no pluralism or tolerance
of other Muslims, races and cultures in their worldview. In the world of the
Salaaf and AlQaeda, the Arab is the saviour, sovereign and preserver of true

In fact, a person is either an Arab and thereby racially blessed or an
outsider and thereby an enemy. The non-Arab Muslim is inherently inferior
despite being "saved". Perversely, Arab Christians are deemed to be closer
to the Salaaf than Somalis due to racial and cultural affinity. What of the
blacks among them? The young Somalis and Sudanese I saw in London among the
Arab Salaaf had been made thorough to despise and hate their own peoples
and cultures to the point of disassociation.

So is it any surprise to see what Alqaeda is doing in Somalia now? In light
of this fact, is it really any wonder today that many young Somalis are
butchered and brainwashed by the Arab Salaafi terrorists inside Somalia and
in Western countries? The Arab Salaafi I met in London in 2005 who hated
non-Arabs and their cultures are now able to orchestrate the massacre of
thousands of innocent Somalis under the name of Islam. Unfortunately,
history shows it is only black peoples who have always been made to
sacrifice for Arab dominion from Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Mauritania , Morocco,
Algeria, Saudi Arabia, andYemen to Somalia we are all paying for the search
of Arab dominion!


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