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[Dehai-WN] Independent.co.ug: When UPDF tracked Rwanda's airforce (Part I)

From: Berhane Habtemariam <Berhane.Habtemariam_at_gmx.de_at_dehai.org>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 22:22:04 +0100

ed-rwandas-airforce-part-i> When UPDF tracked Rwanda's airforce (Part I)

Sunday, 26 February 2012 08:55 administrator


This report is meant to acquaint you with the subversive activities by Dr
Besigye's 'group of renegade officers supported by Rwanda who continue with
their plans of destabilizing our country.


NFO: cas



We have received reliable information that:

a). Lt Col Mande has been ringing -a number of-people.

They have a camp in Goma area which is under Lt Col Kyakabale. He stated
that UPDF intends to attack it but they are prepared for it. They do not
mind about UPDF troop build-up in the west because after they have wiped out
these troops, other areas will 'be easily tackled.

They believe that one of their supporters Kwesiga of of Falcon Guards has
been arrested and will do everything necessary to rescue him.

That Anne Mugisha has been improving on their propaganda documents in

He claims they have infiltrated the Cadet course.

That Rwanda government Salambwa because Lt Gen Saleh had given him Shs 20
million to kill Cols Mande and Kyakabale. They have targeted Lt Gen Saleh,
Cols Semakula, Kayanja, Mayombo and Nalweyiso.

That there is a feeling with RPA the government of Rwanda will never become
popular as long as Lt Gen Saleh is still alive because he is very popular
within RPA.

They have a hit squad in Kampala which they are to link up with him to show
their targets.

That they have agents within 65 Bn which recently came from DRC and want to
know where all soldiers who came from DRC were deployed.

They are interested in knowing the locations, strength and command in
different UPDF Units.

They want to know the location of Maj Furuma.

They have confirmed that Dr. Kiiza was with them on 9 Oct 2001 and think
they will get assistance from Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and France.

The foreign sponsors want to see their support inside the country and as
such, they intend to raise Shs 2000/= from each 'of their- 2.5 million
supporters in order to be able to raise enough money for their rebel

That there has been an initiative by some members of Parliament for Cols
Mande end Kyakabale to come back. They are not interested to come back and
cannot even be bribed .

That this is a sign to show that HE The President is now panicking.

Cols Mande and Kyakabale have been using telephone numbers 00873762841535
and 008410346 respectively to ring some people whom they have disclosed the

That they intend to shift their camp from Kibumba(about 20km from Goma town
in DRC to Gako in Gitarama Rwanda for fear that UPDF may attack it and
for-avoidance of any possible infiltration.

There is also another camp at Mishaki which is a mountainous area located
25kms west of Sake. Sake is 27km from Goma. RCD Goma and local defence
forces are also trained from here. That Ugandans who are being trained from
here could be between 150- 250.

At Kiwanja in Rutushuro on Butembo road there is also a camp which is under
the control of 11 Bn of RPA. Another camp is at Omurukoma about 3Skm from
Katuna border inside Rwanda.

On 9 0ct 01, Dr Besigye visited Kibumba training camp in DRC and was
accompanied by Brig. Kabarebe (Ag Army Comd), Cols Nziza, Alex Kagame (CO
PPU), Kalenzi Karake (Chief of Training, Operations & Recruitment) and
Ceaser Kayizari (Under Secretary Ministry of Defence) They were using a
vehicle which belongs to Comd Bizima Karaha of RCD - Goma who was- also

That the food to this camp is being supplied by RPA GHQS from Kanombe.

Dr Besigye's group of renegade officers have been contacting several UPOF
officers/men who are still in active service/plus other civilians whom they
are trying to lure into their subversive activities.

b. They are also in close contact with some senior Rwandese intelligence
officers namely Cols P. Karegyeya and J. Nziza who continue to coordinate
the subversive activities against Uganda.

A network of RPA intelligence has been deployed in Kampala for purposes of
destabilising the country e.g to carry out assassinations.

One Rwandese operative Rugigana Antony who had been sent to infiltrate cadet
recruitment training course in Mbarara was arrested on 27 Sept 01. He
testified that he had been sent by RPA intelligence officers.

We have received credible information pertaining to the purchase of weaponry
from Ukraine by RPA which is importing its combat capability especially
Airforce rather fast.

An RPA delegation led by Brig Muhire, (OAF) including Secretary for Defence
Col Ceasar Kaisari and 02 others visited Ukraine at the beginning of Oct

In Ukraine they visited a company called FVIR- REMONT, a MIG manufacturing
and overhauling plant and other related facilities in the country.

Continues next week

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