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[Dehai-WN] Aljazeera.com: Video-Balochistan: Pakistan's other war

From: Berhane Habtemariam <Berhane.Habtemariam_at_gmx.de_at_dehai.org>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 13:49:27 +0100

Video-Balochistan: Pakistan's other war




Baloch politicians and leaders share their vision of self-determination and
freedom from Pakistani rule.

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In the rugged mountains of southwest Pakistan lies the country's largest
province of Balochistan. Far from the bustling cities of Lahore, Karachi and
Islamabad, this remote region has been the battleground for a 60-year-long
insurgency by the Baloch ethnic minority.

"The Baloch people now live in a state of war. Every day, they face
injustice. The army and intelligence agents kidnap our young, and we know
nothing about them for years. The Baloch people live in a state of war. We
will not accept any offers until we regain control over this land. They burn
down our homes and then ask us for peace? We are not stupid."

- Baloch Khan, Baloch rebel leader

The ongoing conflict is often called Pakistan's dirty war, because of the
rising numbers of people who have disappeared or have been killed on both

But the uprising against Pakistan's government has received little attention
worldwide, in part because most eyes have been focused on the fight against
the Taliban and al-Qaeda in other areas of Pakistan.

Bordering Iran and Afghanistan, Balochistan remains notorious for
cross-border smuggling and has more recently been infiltrated by former
members of the Taliban and al-Qaeda operatives. Few outsiders gain access or
permission to travel in the region.

Al Jazeera's Ahmad Zaidan travelled to Balochistan to meet with key Balochi
politicians who explain the history and current circumstances of the region
and to get an exclusive interview with the leader of the Balochistan rebel
movement seeking secession from Pakistan.

This film offers a glimpse into a region which, in 2010, had the highest
number of militant, insurgent and sectarian attacks of any province in
Pakistan. It is a region torn apart with separatist organisations attacking
the state, sectarian and ethnic attacks, and crime, including kidnapping for



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