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[Dehai-WN] Sunanews.net: The Israeli direction towards Africa is it a target to Sudan?

From: Berhane Habtemariam <Berhane.Habtemariam_at_gmx.de_at_dehai.org>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 00:41:18 +0100

ards-africa-is-it-a-target-to-sudan-.html> The Israeli direction towards
Africa is it a target to Sudan?

05.01.2012 19:02

Khartoum 5-1-2012 (SUNA)- The prospective visit of the Israeli prime
minister , Netanyahu to Republic of South Sudan and to East of Africa have a
strategic, political, economical and military aspirations , such to get
energy, miners , agricultural products and obtaining the projects of
buildings to control the Nile water, according to some Israeli sources .

More than, the visit target to sign deals of sealing weapons and to
establish control towers on the borders with Sudan, said the observers and
added the visit aim also to consist an air- base in the region to train the
southern Sudan pilots , as they seek to use the two topics of water and oil
to pressure on Sudan.

The observers pointed that Israel target to consist an alliance with some
Christian states in Africa to build a belt against the Arab states ,
anticipation of gaining the Islamist to power , explained the observers and
went on saying, particular the visit delegation included intelligence
experts, some members of the national security council , representatives
from the Israel finance ministry and a number of businessmen.

The Israeli penetration in Africa in last period represented a serious topic
, particular its concentrating in the regional medium of Sudan. Besides it
aim to establish a net of distinguished relations with a number of African
states in different intelligence , military, social, economic and political

These penetration will enable Israel to press on the positions of African
countries in concern the Israeli -Arabic project addition to enclose and
divide Sudanbecause it consider the bridge which connect the Islamic-Arab
countries with the north of Africa.

The Israeli intentions toward Sudan came according to signing Camp Davied
agreement and establishing diplomatic relations with some states . Thus the
Israeli state began to market itself in a new shape to the African countries
, that supported the Arabs in their war against Israeli and cut -off the
diplomatic relations, through a massage said that Israel signed a peace
agreement with Egypt and Arab, for this there is no reason to continue the
African boycott .

Historically , Sudan was participated with its all economical and military
abilities in October war , what supported Egypt to achieve victory on
Israel. Besides the great natural sources of Sudan, as a long coast in the
Red Sea, various kinds of miners , oil and wide areas of arable lands will
play a vital role to resolve the Arab- Israeli conflict in future .

The Islamic -Arab identity of Sudan , that hostile the Jewish Zionism , had
encouraged Israel to follow many methods to enclose Sudan and to isolate it
from its Islamic and Arab identity . Israel directed to concentrate its
existence in the border-states to Sudan and strength its relations with
Eretria and Ethiopia since their independency to keep its existence in the
Red Sea .

More than, Israel tried vigorously to prevent joining Eretria to the Arab
League , spite the Muslims are more than 60% of the total number of Eritrean
population , that estimated of 4 million people. Also Israel had supported
Ethiopia to establish dams on the Blue Nile, bearing in mind the great water
sources in Ethiopia.

On the international level Israel obtains good relations with Chad and
Central Africa , as it seek to create ethnic conflicts , beside to support
the separatist groups inside Sudan, while the strong connection and
cooperation with the government in South Sudan after secession was appeared
clearly in the immediate recognition of the southern Sudan state.

Since long time, African continent has been a part of the strategic Israeli
project , where it selected some of its regions to be an alternative
positions , in case of threatened the appointed centre in Palestine . Some
of these target regions are East of Africa, addition it concentrate on the
African horn region in 1963-1967 during war between Arab and Israel as the
strategic region in the African continent


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