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Video-'AL, ineffective on Somalia issue'



Mon Jan 2, 2012 11:13AM GMT


Interview with Ayman Salama, professor of international law

Hundreds of Ethiopian troops have crossed a border town in neighboring
Somalia in order to fight al-Shabab fighters, witnesses say.

Press TV talks with Ayman Salama, a professor of international law, from
Cairo to further discuss the issue.

Following is a rough transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Al-Shabab says that it is fighting foreign intervention and those
who want to basically give the country over to those foreigners. How do you
see the situation in Somalia? Especially with the Al-Shabab fighters there?

Salama: Yes, actually in my own view, the most important thing in this
regard, is not to analyze what is going on --what is currently going on --
the occurrences or the attacks from the Al-Shabab or Kenyan troops,
Ethiopian ones and the involvement of some foreign actors, like the
peacekeeping forces of the African Unity Organization.

In my opinion the most important thing is to seek for the sustainable,
lasting endurable solution, which is strategic for the way out, which are
the most important and consistent resolutions, I mean also options for
settling the most-- actually-- comprehensive model of the failed state which
is Somalia since 1991.

In my opinion this is more important than analyzing the current occurrences
there are now on the ground.

Somalia demands --actually-- a comprehensive strategy, an integrated
involvement of the United Nations and some other regional involvements, like
the African Union, the EGAD, the Arab League, the Arab League actually
stepped down [and] did not involve effectively in the issue of Somalia,
though Somalia is a sovereign member state of the Arab League since decades.

Press TV: How do you see it Dr. Salama, if the Somali people in general do
not like outside interference-- as our guest in London said-- do not like
exceptionally foreign military personnel in their country. Then what makes
those that are involved at this point in time think that this time it would
be successful?

Salama: Right, actually for such upcoming international conference for
Somalia, presumed to be held in London. I reiterate the same seeing Of mind
which is that, for such a conference there must be a designed and integrated
planned strategy and also to take and learn lessons from comparable and
similar-- actually-- conferences for failed states like the conferences held
in Bonn for Afghanistan, conferences also for the rebuilding and
restructuring of Lebanon, for also Afghanistan, Yemen etc.

I would like in the same context to mention something which is very
fundamental to be mentioned. Which is that, before the intervention of the
Kenyan troops and the Ethiopian ones also, in 2006 and later the problem was
limited among the fighting factions in Somalia, among the fighting militants
in Somalia. However by the intervention of the regional --neighboring--
countries of the Horn of Africa like, Ethiopia and also Kenya, the issue of
Somalia became more chaotic .More also problematic, consequently there must
be a comprehensive plan in addition to the welcoming the political
willingness Of the government of the fighting factions in Somalia.

Besides as you have mentioned right now, the eagerness, the readiness of the
Somali people, because it is important and bring it in mind the humanitarian
crisis now raising in Somalia and in particular what has happened today,
today approximately seventeen humanitarian agencies , were ordered by the
Al- Shabab militias, to quit and to leave out the Somali territory. This
--actually-- jeopardizes the lives of the Somalis and also jeopardizes and
endangers the whole comprehensive-actual- activities of the humanitarian
assistance agencies.

Press TV: What is the answer you see for the Somalia , what would bring
stability back to Somalia?

Salama: Actually to perceive and restore peace and order in
Somalia--actually-- in my opinion this is the most problematic,
controversial issue. Because since 1991 and then 1993 with the fiasco of the
UNOSOM I and II, I mean the United Nations peacekeeping operations in
Somalia and with withdrawal of the United States' American peace forces,
besides the American non-intervention since 1994 under the Clinton
presidential statement-- not to involve in any peace keeping operations
under the umbrella or under the command of the United Nations Organization--
I do not think that the way out would be so easy. Because if you seek for an
integrated complete, comprehensive plan to restore stability and order in
Somalia, you should address all issues, not only the roots of the crisis
there, but also the repercussions. I mean the negative repercussions among
those, are the piracy, terrorism.



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