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JEM leader was 'sleeping' when killed


26 Dec, 2011

Suleiman Sandal Haggar, a leader of the Justice and Equality Movement has
revealed more details about the assassination of Khalil Ibrahim.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, Haggar said that Khalil Ibrahim was killed on
Friday morning at 3am by aerial bombardment whilst sleeping in his vehicle.

He was not killed by clashes between the government forces and JEM.

Haggar was 20 meters away when the incident happened.

He stated that the government forces reportedly released flares to locate
Khalil Ibrahim, and then dropped three shells on the vehicle he was sleeping
in, immediately killing him and one of his bodyguards, named Abdullah. A
second vehicle was also destroyed.

Haggar didn't mention the location where the JEM leader was killed for
security reasons.

He accused regional and international actors for colluding and conspiring
with the Sudanese government to provide advanced technological support and
the intelligence means to carry out such an attack.


Ahmed Atem, mayor and coordinator of internally displaced camps in North
Darfur, said that the camps residents were in deep sorrow for the
assassination of Khalil Ibrahim. He said this was a blow for the nation and
those marginalized and oppressed.

Head of the Sudanese Liberation Movement Minni Minnawi called for an
international investigation of the killing, adding that this will not help
the peace process in Darfur, but deepen the crisis.

Minnawi said that all armed groups aimed to achieve peace and stability, but
the National Congress Party only wanted war.

The Sudan Liberation Army faction led by Abdul Wahid said they were mourning
his death as Khalil Ibrahim was a truthful partner and loyal to finding a
solution for the problems in Darfur and Sudan.

A spokesman for the Sudan People's Liberation Movement called the late JEM
leader 'a hero' and said his death will 'increase the resolve of the
revolutionaries to continue to fight and work together to topple the regime
of the National Congress Party in Khartoum.'


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