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Video- Fault Lines Horn of Africa Crisis: Drought Zone




As millions in Kenya suffer from extreme hunger, is the US addressing the
causes of the crisis or just its syptoms?

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The worst drought in 60 years has thrown more than 13 million people across
the Horn of Africa into crisis.

In Kenya, those already living in the greatest precarity have been pushed
even closer to the edge.

In the arid lands deadly inter-tribal conflict is escalating with
pastoralists competing over increasingly scarce resources, as climate change
accelerates drought cycles.

Weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable and small scale farmers
are struggling to grow enough food. In Nairobi's poorest neighbourhoods,
residents are reduced to eating one meal a day, as the price of food spirals
out of reach.

As world leaders discuss climate policy in Durban, Fault Lines travels
through Kenya's drought zone. In the second part of a two-part series, we
ask how US policies intersect with drought and hunger, and how the US is
responding to the emergency in the Horn of Africa.



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