[Dehai-WN] VOA: Rights Groups: Ethiopia Using Anti-Terror Law To Stifle Dissent

[Dehai-WN] VOA: Rights Groups: Ethiopia Using Anti-Terror Law To Stifle Dissent

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Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 00:39:57 +0100

Rights Groups: Ethiopia Using Anti-Terror Law To Stifle Dissent

Peter Heinlein | Addis Ababa

* November 22, 2011

Two international human rights groups are urging Ethiopia to stop arresting
journalists and political activists under anti-terrorism laws. The editor of
one of Ethiopia's last remaining independent newspapers has fled the country
amid concerns that more arrests are coming.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International issued a statement Monday
calling on Ethiopian authorities to stop using anti-terrorism laws to stifle
political dissent.

The unusual joint statement comes as ten journalists are being tried in
three separate terrorism related cases in Addis Ababa. One of the trials
involves 24 defendants, including several prominent opposition politicians.

Human Rights Watch researcher Ben Rawlence told VOA by telephone that the
rights groups decided to speak with one voice because Ethiopia's
anti-terrorism law is vague and open to misuse for political purposes. "The
trial of the 24 on the back of the other terrorism trials and trials of
journalists and other opposition people is very serious and we thought it
merited a joint statement to try and draw attention to just how serious it
is," he said.

The statement came as word spread that Ethiopia's most popular independent
newspaper has shut its doors and its editor fled the country, fearing

Dawit Kebede was among more than 100 journalists and political activists
convicted of treason and sentenced to life in prison following the disputed
2005 election. All were later pardoned, and several subsequently went into

Dawit stayed, however, and became editor of the independent Awramba Times,
one of a dwindling number of independent papers. His work earned him the
Committee to Protect Journalists' 2010 Press Freedom Award.

But this week, he fled to the United States. Dawit told VOA from Washington
that he became frightened after a state-owned publication ran an article
calling for his arrest. "I got a tip off last Thursday from a reliable
source at the Ministry of Justice that the government was planning to revoke
my conditional pardon. The state owned newspaper Addis Zenen, in its
October 19th edition, urged the security forces to take action against me,"
he said.

The final issue of Awramba Times carried a story about a teacher and
opposition activist who burned himself to death in southwestern Ethiopia
this month. VOA Amharic Service and other foreign media reported the man
doused himself in gasoline and shouted, "death is preferable to life without
justice or liberty", before striking a match.

Government spokesmen did not answer repeated calls from VOA seeking comment
about the suicide. But the government-run Walta Information Center reported
the victim had been mentally ill, and his death had nothing to do with
injustice. The article called VOA's report a "total fabrication" and warned
the Amharic service to refrain from inciting violence in Ethiopia by
propagating unfounded and wrong information.

Ben Rawlence of Human Rights Watch says Ethiopia's government appears to be
rejecting the basic principles of its constitution. "Ethiopia is one of the
most concerning countries with its use of the justice system, and the
manipulation of the legal system, and the deployment of political charges in
this way. We haven't seen that in any other countries," he said.

Rawlence also criticized Addis Ababa's diplomatic community for failing to
closely monitor the trials of journalists and political activists. He said
the current trials should be watched the same as those following the 2005
elections, when US and European observers were in the courtroom regularly to
follow the proceedings.


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