[Dehai-WN] allafrica.com: Sudan: Govt Rejects U.S. Proposal On South Kordofan - Report

[Dehai-WN] allafrica.com: Sudan: Govt Rejects U.S. Proposal On South Kordofan - Report

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Kordofan - Report

4 November 2011


Khartoum - The Sudanese government has rejected a proposal tabled by the
U.S. aimed at resolving the armed conflict in the oil-rich state of South
Kordofan between Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and Sudan People Liberation
Movement North (SPLM-N), a newspaper reported today.

South Kordofan has been the scene of fighting since last June which followed
gubernatorial elections in which incumbent Governor Ahmed Haroun was
declared winner in his race against his SPLM-N candidate Abdel-Aziz al-Hilu,
who was the deputy governor.

Al-Hilu cried foul allegimg fraud by the ruling National Congress Party
(NCP) and refused to recognize the results.

The SPLM-N said the clashes broke out after SAF attempted to forcibly disarm
its forces while Khartoum claimed it was repelling attack on its police
units in the state.

The independent al-Sahafa newspaper said today that Washington proposed
dividing South Kordofan which would result in creation of a new state of
West Kordofan which ceased to exist following the 2005 Comprehensive Peace
Agreement (CPA).

Haroun would then be installed as governor of West Kordofan while al-Hilu
would be made the governor of South Kordofan until elections there can be
held again.

But the state minister of media Sanaa Hamad poured cold shower over the
proposal saying it would lead to breaking up Sudan. She also suggested that
Khartoum would not accept al-Hilu into the political life again.

Hamad however said SPLM-N can be accepted again if it lays down its arms.

The African Union panel led by former South African president Thabo Mbeki
managed to broker a deal between the two sides in June that would have paved
the way for a ceasefire.

However, Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir later scrapped it and
faulted his aides for signing it.

Last August a report from the UN's Higher Commission for Human Rights said
that abuses allegedly committed in South Kordofan may amount to "war crimes"
and "crimes against humanity," and must be fully investigated.

Khartoum dismissed the allegations and accused the world body of bias.

In a related development South Kordofan governor called for general
mobilization in the state to fight the SPLM-N saying that fighting is now
mandatory, according to statements carried by Sudan state media.

"We have to mobilize in our various tribes, faces and religions to secure
the state" Haroun said.

"For the sake of peace would be our fighting for the weakened, innocent
children and women," he added.

Haroun accused SPLM-N of targeting civilians during the fighting and saluted
the citizens for resisting the rebels' aggression.

His statements come a few days after heavy clashes in the city of Teludi
which lies east of state capital of Kadugli in which Khartoum said it killed
hundreds of SPLM-N fighters.

Eyewitnesses told Sudan Tribune that battles started in the state on Sunday
with SAF launching aerial attacks on SPLM-N units who controlled areas as
close as 30 kilometers from Kadugli.

The SPLM-N has been issuing statements claiming major advances in the state
which were swiftly denied by SAF.

Remarks by Haroun today bring a flashback of allegations against him during
his service in Sudan's western region of Darfur.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) charged Haroun on 51 counts of crimes
against humanity and war crimes in 2007 he allegedly committed in Darfur.

Up to 300,000 people may have died from the combined effects of war, famine
and disease, according to a UN official. Sudan claims the death toll from
the war does not exceed 10,000.


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