[Dehai-WN] Yemenpost.net: Western Hypocrisy

[Dehai-WN] Yemenpost.net: Western Hypocrisy

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Western Hypocrisy

Monday, 24, October, 2011



Yemen Post Staff

In an interesting twist of political maneuvering and foreign policies, the
United States of American and European countries are siding with
pro-democracy activists all over the Arab World and most recently in Yemen
after having supported those countries' autocratic regime for several
Non content to have stood on the sideline for the past 40 years or so,
witnessing the oppression of Millions of Arabs, the very same countries
which are now condemning president Saleh for his excessive of violence
actually supplied the weapons that he is using against civilians.

Human Rights Groups Accuse

In its latest report, Amnesty International a well-renown human right
organization stated that according to its own enquiry in the matter, it had
found that the United States of America, Russia and several European
countries had quite willingly sold weapons which they knew were being to be
used to sustain the repressive policies upon which countries such as Egypt,
Libya and Yemen, to only name a few, were implementing against their

Several reports on weapons sales and movements confirmed the study carried
out by the London-based group as it was proven that Russia had sold to Yemen
new war-tanks and various other military equipment; as to biff-up its armed
forces ahead of a potential military confrontation with the revolutionaries
and dissident forces.

Amnesty International stressed that it was illogical for countries such as
the United States or Britain to condemn countries such as Yemen for their
use of lethal forces against peaceful protesters if they were the one
selling the weapons in the first place.

"To the extent that arms transfers are knowingly engaged in and result in
the perpetration of crimes against humanity, the transferring state also
becomes responsible under international law," said Sanjeev Bery, Amnesty
international advocacy director for Middle East and North Africa, told The
Associated Press.

"In the light of recent events in Yemen and the exponential increase in
violence, with shelling campaign and snipers attack, it is hypocritical on
the part of the West to express outrage. They are as much responsible as the
Yemeni regime," said a HOOD worker, who for security reason refused to
reveal his identity. (HOOD is Yemen most prominent Human Rights group).
Events such as those witnessed in Taiz in May 29th 2011 and the bloody week
which followed president Saleh's return to Yemen, raise the questions of
transparency and accountability as far as weapons trading is concerned.
Western Reaction

Britain announced last week that it was planning on introducing new arms
export rules which would give Britain the option of suspended its licenses
to country which would experience a sharp deterioration in security or
"The Government is determined to learn the wider lessons of events in the
Middle East and North Africa," Foreign Secretary William Hague told
lawmakers in a written statement.

Whether such a policy is applicable on the ground is another matter, since
monetary rewards are often put ahead of humanitarian considerations.
The United States of America, through Mark toner also said that it was
studying the matter with the utmost care.



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