[Dehai-WN] Africanarguments.org: Sudan: NCP Regime Is Destroying the North Says Yasir Arman, Secretary-General, SPLM-North

[Dehai-WN] Africanarguments.org: Sudan: NCP Regime Is Destroying the North Says Yasir Arman, Secretary-General, SPLM-North

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 <http://allafrica.com/sudan/> Sudan: NCP Regime Is Destroying the North
Says Yasir Arman, Secretary-General, SPLM-North

Magnus Taylor

18 October 2011



Yasir Arman is Secretary-General of SPLM-North, and consequently one of the
leading opposition politicians in Sudan. Since South Sudan gained
independence in July, the SPLM-North has been banned by the Sudanese
government, and deadly fighting in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states has
led to many of Arman's party colleagues going into hiding.

Yasir Arman spoke at Chatham House on Monday 3rd October on the prospects
for a broad opposition alliance in Sudan, and for finding a resolution to
Sudan's current challenges.

He began his presentation focusing what he termed 'the Northern question.'
The question he highlighted is one that exists within the North, and is not
simply an aspect of the antagonism between North and South.

Yasir Arman highlighted the great diversity of population in the North, and
how whilst South Sudan has seceded, a new geographical and political South
has developed in the North. This 'new South' includes both Arabs and
non-Arabs, and is close to Khartoum. It is as a result of these conditions
of political and economic inequality that Yasir Arman warned a new civil war
could develop in the North.

He also commented that the relationship between Sudan North and South Sudan
was 'unfinished,' and that only transformation in Khartoum could facilitate
a real transformation in the relationship between these two countries.

Yasir Arman next highlighted the current conditions in Sudan North. He
described an existing economic crisis that was accentuating the
marginalisation of groups such as the Beja and Nuba (as well as the mixed
population of Darfur.) He predicted a 'full-scale war from Khartoum to Blue
Nile' and a crisis of government which could only be averted by a
restructuring of the centre.

Revolutions in Egypt and Libya have resulted in the de-legitimisation of
Sudan's government. Strong international pressure must now be placed on it
to reform, and war crimes should not be ignored in the pursuit of political
pragmatism. A holistic approach is now required in Sudan with the government
of the ruling National Congress Party being identified as the essence of the
problem. The NCP regime is, according to Arman, destroying the North.

Arman's party - the SPLM-North - is seeking alliance of Northern
oppositional forces in order to bring a about a paradigm shift in Sudanese
politics. The SPLM-North continues to seek the unity of Sudan - the model
being that of the EU, in which a Sudanese federation would allow ease of
passage and trade for Sudanese citizens between the two countries.

According to Arman, as a leader of Sudan North, Omar el-Beshir is worse than
deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. The Darfur-focussed Doha peace
talks are not a credible process, and all such actions carried out by the
NCP government should be seen as such.

Yasir Arman's speech was followed by a question and answer session in which
he responded to questions from Sudanese, and British-based Sudan analysts,
academics and journalists. Representatives from the Sudan Embassy in the UK
were also in attendance.

Magnus Taylor is Managing Editor of African Arguments.


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