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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Mon Aug 29 2011 - 19:18:16 EDT

Somaliland: the defenseless democracy

Mon, 2011-08-29 03:10 — editor

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye


The absence of international ties tellingly shows how Somaliland democracy
has been suffocated. Our deep yearning for fully grown democracy has been
continuously under threat from various forces that have no common currency
apart from hatred against Somaliland’s prosperity and well-being!

These factions whose objectives are miscellaneous in yet united only against
toppling Somaliland assembled a blind men in the diaspora to tarnish
Somaliland’s image but this movement has failed to garner a little support
in their local districts never mind wider Somalia, and then resorted a
desperate measures.

Some of the deadly conspirators are: Unionists from Northern Somalia,
Alshabaab, Sool, Sanaag, Cayn, (SSC) Djibouti, Puntland, the piracy-lords,
and the list goes on.
However, for the last 10 years or so, these groups watched each other’s back
and have been shoulder to shoulder with themselves in aggression and
destabilization in the entire Horn of Africa to prevent people from
utilization of their natural resources and sustainable development.
Somaliland national asset is peace, and are, therefore, determined to keep
it intact at the all costs. “He secured fear and starvation from…,” Surratul
Quraysh or “Blessed are peacemakers….,” Mathew 5:9.

Let us critically analyze these spectrum alliances one by one, the first
category, the bogus Unionists from North Somalia comprise of remnants of
militarily vanquished men of ex-Generals of Somalia who beautifully presided
over the mass murdering of thousands of innocent in Somaliland, and
engineered the enormous destruction that still visible in Somaliland major
cities despite 20 years of unprecedented reconstruction by expatriates
together with some indoctrinated morons who grown up in foreign lands. The
military regime that they worked for, committed atrocities that constitute
crimes against humanity in Somaliland during 80s when tanks and other armor
vehicles are unleashed in densely populated cities of Hargaysa, Buroa,
Berbera, and Erigavo killing civilians in massive number.

Instead of asking forgiveness from their victims, the perpetrators have
begun lecturing when they safely arrived in the Western countries with their
newly coined names to avoid justices; they claimed to be human rights
defenders back in Somalia or even in Palestine— they can anything from Hamas
ass-wipers to suicide-bomb interns to destroy Hargaysa—the question begging
for answer is this: where are the ministers of Somalia who chaired Hargaysa
Genocide in full view of the international media including Channels then?
Help us find criminals like Mohamed Hirsi Morgan. Hence we will investigate
your tiny village’s grievances of Camel raids, and set it free!—though we
are not foreign occupation forces.

Closely monitoring Somaliland democratic progress from outside of Somalia,
this fully resented e-guerilla, try to derail Somaliland’s stability by hook
and crook, in their cheap sites, they frequently; ferociously portray
Somaliland as a “family enterprise” or “clan entity” and etc; living in
overseas as asylum seekers, these dyed-in-the-wool fabricate offensive
statements from alcoholic hallucinations because they are suffering from
Somaliland dystopia, living in fantasy and virtual world of Sony games, they
feel Somalia closer to their desktop while overrunning Somaliland military
bases! A wishful thing— I used to hear for the last twenty years Mogadishu
beasts are attempting or coming to destroy Somaliland but met a failure.
Where are they? Stuck in starvation or what?—however, are they saying the
British Secretary for African affairs and other EU ministers were a
clan-entity guest rather than a state official one? This bulsh*t even idiots
cannot buy it but they are good at selling myths as facts. Whenever tribal
or awry cult sentiment arises; overwhelms Somalis, they go intoxicated and
then begin to tell everything that comes at their lips without

Somaliland has been doing whatsoever to attract Direct Investments (DI) from
every country on the planet, and why the president of Somaliland had been on
official trip to China to negotiate on direct investment in his country in
building roads and other essential infrastructure; the foreign media
extensively covered this issue. you can google it.

The second ones, acting little more than the role of Bilal Binu Habashi, the
prophet’s Muezzin and the only black man in the history of Islam apart from
the Moors, is said to be fighting to create the first black Caliphate on the
planet,, Ahmed Godane, the head of Al-Shabaab, himself from Somaliland
entertains his poor subjects including false unionists from Northern Somalia
in Southern Somalia that he will remove visa requirements in all Muslim
countries as of this is a “colonial legacy, and Un-Islamic as well” let
alone Somaliland! But Unionists from Northern Somalia have to be patient
until Godane led Empire emerges, perhaps one century later! Nonetheless,
Somaliland principle is “mind your own business”; therefore, the group sees
Somaliland a number enemy. In their viewpoint, the elimination of Somaliland
is not a religious but also a moral obligation for every Muslim adult.

Abusing freedom values which given by the countries they live in, Unionists
from Northern Somalia does fund-raising for troublemakers in Somalia and
beyond, they are determined for the derailment of Somaliland democratic
process whatsoever means possible either through sending finance from UK,
US, and Gulf back to Sool region to instigate a deadly civil war or allying
themselves with terror forces against Somaliland “the end justifies the
means” rather than assisting their fellow countrymen and women who are dying
on daily basis before reach Kenya territories, what Somaliland has done to
these lunatics?

SSC, at the behest, and a poodle of its financiers: Unionist from North
Somalia, carries out ugly assassinations of their fellow kinsmen who are
civil servants in Somaliland government to terrorize; deter their localities
to join to the ongoing inclusive political dialogue; their targets are not
only confined to men but also women and kids thought to have affiliated with
or fed from Somaliland! — Actually fitting the Dervish meaning in Turkish
and Arabic which means insane!

Djibouti which is a service country for the most of its time since
independence, particularly has been a gateway to the Red Sea for Ethiopia in
pre-independence era, has somewhat a legitimate concern when it comes to
growing Ethiopian-Somaliland relationship. The former views Somaliland not
only a displacing challenger but also a direct threat to its national
interest, and that is why Djibouti— not necessarily hating Somaliland—
always spends its little resources on futile, marathon conferences for the
failed Somalia to put it back to its own feed— despite close proximity and
intimacy with Somaliland, Djibouti fought to host UN, Arab league, AU, and
her own funded conferences to immediately assembly the torn-war country
which is beyond repair to block Somaliland possible independence, and had
ignored Somaliland vibrant democracy altogether.

Djibouti’s last bid to revive Somalia did not stop at there, but they
summoned North American Universities staffs such as Professor Ahmed Samater,
a Somalilander but whose widely known belittlement of Somaliland’s milestone
is attributed to a certain ethnicity prejudice (abtiyaashi), to explain how
Crisis Management or Exit Theories work out to Somalis from failed Somalia
whereas Djibouti beautifully replays of Magool’s revolutionary anthems
including my favourite album “ afrikay hurruday hadbaan cunaay huruddoy” “
Africa fell asleep, prey birds are scavenging their corpses…,” to motivate
the dysfunctional or the dead conscience of Somali political leaders and
then move them to tears!

Baseless condemnation of Somaliland, the only place that survived the
disastrous hurricanes that demolished much of the southern Somalia is very
often traces back to tribal hatred and envy against Somaliland continual
prosperity from the day of the independence declaration in 1991.

In recent times, many thought Djibouti has lost an appetite of holding of
inconclusive meetings that made the barren country a way out of budget, and
realized that “Somalia has passed away once for all!” Or reached a point of
no reviving! And as a result expected to hold a funeral service to pay the
last tribute to starving masses whose graves are yet undecided whether to be
in Mogadishu or Dadaab because many died enroute to Kenya; however, the
recent announcement of trilateral agreement among Ethiopia, Somaliland, and
China to install a gas pipeline, a multi-million project, all the way to
Berbera, Somaliland seaport city in the Gulf of Aden revealed otherwise, in
some reliable sources, the breakthrough drove Ismail Omer Geule of Djibouti
to make surprise visit to Mogadishu in his first trip to Somalia, amazingly
enough, he paid visit to 1977 War wounded soldiers and distributed money
rather than famine-stricken people!

To pressurize Addis Ababa to withdraw close ties with Somaliland which are
not less than a formal recognition. Djibouti’s womanly affection for
Mogadishu rather than Hargaysa which is only a few kilometers away from
Djibouti is still a mystery! But some people suggested that Djibouti, a
country the word Farm or Agriculture never been in use since time
immemorial, realized the least possible scenario Djibouti can encounter is
when Ethiopia transfers all transit cargoes( the lifeline of their country)
to Berbera of Somaliland and suspends all vegetable food that goes to
Djibouti since the domestic consumption is running high ! What will happen?
The US force will flee not from bullets firing by Taliban but lack of water
never mind basic essentials!

Eritrean insane regime further complicated Djibouti prospect for Direct
Investment; the latest military incursion into Djibouti has exposed the
blurred icon of Djibouti military vulnerability to world-wide investors. In
the backdrop, Afro-Asian Bridge is supposed to built in Djibouti which has
economic benefit for the whole region was suspended, so ever since Djibouti
was alluring Somali successful business to fill gaps at the expense of
Somali starving folks.

When Somalia which has two rivers, and a remarkable farmland massively died
out of starvation; their Omer Bashir, who offered them land for plantation
is wanted by the Hague War Crime Tribunal, this tiny inhabitable country has
every right to be anxious!

This is not the first Somalis that displayed naked jealousness over
Somaliland growing diplomatic relationship with other international
community. When UK overseas development department (DFID) increased aid to
Somaliland, entire sleeping folks awoke as thunderstorm landed on their
makeshift shelters by taking to the streets in London, and Washington to air
hateful messages but Somaliland took note of that and acted upon it.

Puntland, a safe haven for piracy and arms smuggling in the Horn of Africa,
has been created not to secede from Somalia but just to imitate, and to make
noise about Somaliland whenever some positive development is underway in
Hargaysa, the capital of Somaliland. Nonetheless, the Majeertania people as
they like to call themselves are somewhat smarter than other groups; in very
often, they harm Somaliland not directly but through inconceivable means of
Hartism, a tribal allurement, to stir eastern margins of the country where
their tribe entity locates.

In fact, using stick and carrot policy, Somaliland taken away Puntland’s
last weapon: an ethnicity, which they used to divide Somaliland diverse
societies for political gains; again, Somaliland outperformed their cheap
tactics of attempting pure Somalilanders into rebellion. Moreover, SSC,
hand-made thugs who are fighting for no cause and their military failures
made Puntland’s hope for Somaliland’s disintegration extremely dim. The
recent abduction of Somaliland civil servants which was masterminded by
Puntland was the height of despair.

Somaliland opponents’ claim that Somalis are homogenous people;
consequently, Somaliland does not deserve a recognition is no longer valid
point in comparing with hard facts in the Arab world, for the sake of
argument , the homogeneity itself does not prevent Somaliland from going
outright independent since Arabs are mostly Muslims but have different
countries, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar to mention a few, but all these
countries are Muslim with Sunni version, what is difference between Kuwait
and UAE? Why the UN does not force them to unite because they are homogenous
or the word is designed to deny us of our basic rights enshrined in the
international law!

Shiekh Abrahim Afghani of Al-Shabaab and his ilk have Islamic religion
blended with some old paganism that calls for the murder of innocent, to
illustrate Somalis’ hyper-division which is not only in political circles
but also within the society itself.

For instance, in Addis Ababa, where the Supreme Islamic Council of Ethiopia
is in charge of Islamic affairs such as Hajj, has distributed a Ramadan
calendar leaflets to Muslim communities including Somalis living in Ethiopia
prior to Ramadan arrival, despite all these, Somalis are breaking their
fasting to different calendars, what a pity! One day I was sitting next to
Ethiopian Muslims along with some other Somalis breaking their fasting/
Ramadan at sunset, the Ethiopian who knew the local timings better than any
of us—as the logic dictates—begun to eat— but, we, the Somalis, breaking
fasting in different timing took Ethiopians by surprise. But the fact is
that our Islamic religion varies from person to another but we have no
courage to admit that, for example, one of us has Pakistani Islam of
distorted Wahabi , another one with Sudan version of more relaxed one, I ate
with the Ethiopian guys but that kept my fellow Somalis in shock, so I
thought Somalis believe people of non-Arabs are not Muslim enough and does
not know non-Muslims constitute more 90 percent of the world Muslims!

However, the emphatic homogeneity is just an oral not in practice, the only
thing I cannot deny is that we have the same looking faces with little
different accents or variations in some vocabularies but Somaliland language
is the standard one, of literature, science, and media, which is widely
spoken in all Somali territories.

Moreover, I have to admit that Somalilanders have very much in common with
Djiboutians who left the business of the Greater Somalia, an outdated
idealism, in 1977 behind them when French gave independence, and created
ethos, national identities of their own rather than joining failed Somalia
as one expected.

Furthermore, the foregoing, blinded by naïveté, political miscalculation,
and good memories of been genocidal ministers due to the hash ensuing
realties, extends not gratitude but pour insults to any western scholars
such as Prof. Peter Pham, and Matt Braydon, a member of International Crisis
Group, (ICG), who simply reflect “Somaliland Miraculous Journey” from rising
ashes to electing president through the “ballot boxes”

It easy to destroy but hard to build, given Somaliland lying in volatile
region and hodgepodge groups playing different cards from religious to
tribal feuds for sinister aims, today, it is a miracle that Somaliland alone
still fighting for their own survival and the enemies of all colors are so
far unable to destroy Somaliland. But would the world ever come to their
salvation before it is too late?

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